Digital Artist

Hello! Welcome to my commission site! I hope you consider commissioning me!

__Terms Of Service__

✎ You must pay full and upfront.
✎ Please include flat coloured or very simple cell shaded references. While this is not necessary this is highly recommended.
✎If the commission is not started or completed by the date we agreed to you may issue a full refund.

What I will draw
✔Most animals
✔Original Characters

What I will NOT draw
✘ Nudity
✘ Mecha
✘ Anything extremely complicated
(Ask for details)
✘Anthropomorphic animals.

Copyright Policy

As the commissioner you are allowed to:
✔Post my work anywhere with proper credit.
✔Use my work for profile customization.
✔Use my work for commercial use

However you are not allowed to:
✘Claim my work as your own.
✘Edit my work without my permission.
✘Remove my signatures.
✘Fail to credit when the work is used.
✘Use my work to train AI.

Failure to follow my copyright policy will result in being blacklisted and unable to order from me in the future.

Standard Commissions

Headshot £15 £7.50

Half-Body: £25 £12.50

Fullbody: £45 £22.50

Coloured Sketch: +£5
Lineart: +£10
Colour: +£15
Cell: +£20
Full render: +£22.50

Currently 50% everything 50% off.

Extra Character +50% of overall commission.

Other Options with a set price

Emote £15 £7.50




Your Turn To Die

There are no additional charges on the style that you choose.

Contact Me

Discord: wildfire_g